58mm Gopro Filter Kit W/UV,CPL, ND8, & 2 Filter Adapters


– Ultraviolet (UV) Filter / Circular Polarizer (CPL) Filter / Neutral Density (8x) Filter.

– (2) GoPro Adapters (For GoPro Camera & for GoPro Housing).

– Includes Protective Carry Case.

– Compatible with GoPro Models 3, 4.

– Ultraviolet (UV) Filter: Absorbs the UV rays from the sun and gives a sharper
   contrast & vivid picture. Serves as a permanent lens protector against
   scratches, dust, moisture and fingerprints.

– Circular (CPL) Filter: Filters out polarized light, dramatically reducing
   reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as water, glass, etc. Enables
   colors to appear clearer with increased contrast.

– Neutral Density (8x) Filter: Used to control the depth of field and illustrate
   the movement of waterfalls, rivers, clouds and cars more easily by slowing
   your exposure time and increasing the aperture (by eight stops of light).

– Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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