Lens Cleaning Pen Professional High Quality Equipment


– UNIVERSAL: Effective cleans any product with a delicate lens, including
   cameras, telescopes and binoculars.

– TWO ENDS: Use the gentle retractable brush to sweep away dirt,
   or the flat tip to wipe away fingerprints.

– ECO-FRIENDLY: Made of safe non-toxic materials — cleans without sprays
   or harsh chemicals.

– TRAVEL-SIZED: Thin, pen-style design allows for quick, easy storage and hassle
   free access, while the cap covers the microfiber tip. No more digging
   in camera bags for a dirty lens cloth!

– DESIGNED FOR PHOTOGRAPHY: Whether shooting on film or digital,
   hand-held or drone, cell phone or tablet, keep your lens clean and clear
   with one tool.


With this professional-quality lens cleaning pen from Ultimaxx, your days of digging through equipment for a lens cloth are over. Made of high-quality and durable materials, this all-in-one camera cleaner provides quick and hassle-free lens cleaning to any optical product. The streamlined pen-style design takes up little room in your bag, while the retractable brush is stored safe and damage-free when not in use.. Clean all your lenses with one eco-friendly product, without any abrasive chemicals or treatments.

WIDE USAGE: For use with all optical products, including cameras, camera lenses, binoculars and telescopes.
CONVENIENT STORAGE: Fits easily into any camera bag. Includes a pocket clip for even quicker access.
HIGH QUALITY: Built of durable and non-toxic materials, this long-lasting, dual-tip camera cleaner keeps going for use after use.
ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY: The Ultimaxx Lens Cleaning Pen is the green way to clean your lenses with zero waste.