Bluetooth Mic Kit

Ultimate Series





Extra Long Battery Life: Battery life is up to 6 hours with one hour full charging time. Perfect for on the go recording.

– Compact to Carry Around.

– Fullband 48KHz Stereo Sound: Featuring 44.1/48KHz stereo sound pickup and transmission in real-time.

– Real Time Monitoring: This wireless microphone built-in real time monitoring function, you can test whether it is working normally during recording and monitor the audio status to complete the recording at one time, gives you more professional and convenient recording.

– Multi-Channel Real-Time Mixing: Your smartphone and microphone audio source, Smartmike audio source, external earphone microphone, BGM.4 audio sources can be selected in Smartmike+ App. It can synchronize the background music for phone and human voice in real time. It’s a great innovation technology for video creators.




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